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To Achieve Great Things, Avoid These 7 Toxic Habits

To Achieve Great Things, Avoid These 7 Toxic Habits


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A love of the safe road.

  • If you work hard, the safe road might get you a house behind a white picket fence and some kids and a dog and a nice sofa and the very latest in kitchen appliances.
  • Which is fine, actually. So it’s unfair to call this a toxic habit.
  • It’s really just a choice

Worrying about your reputation.

  • The sad thing is that our worries about these people (who are thinking far more about themselves than they are about us) stop us from doing cool, brave things.
  • Or they make us lie awake all night staring at the ceiling fretting about what we’ve said or done.
  • Do your b...

Being shrunk by your limitations.

  • We all have fears, we all have limitations. And that is okay. What is not okay is living inside them.
  • We get our biggest highs in those moments when we bust through a fear. When we do something we never dreamed we could do — or be. Acknowledge your limitations, offe...

Pizza, Beer and Netflix.

  • Code for addictions.
  • Code for keeping us on the couch. Look we do need fun. And ways to relax.
  • And a little bad food. It’s all okay, as long as we keep a lid on it. And put some actual effort into keeping our minds and body healthy.

Your preoccupation with sex.

  • Napoleon Hill warned of the folly of sex obsession.
  • Sex is a healthy, fun, natural part of human existence, but when it takes over your mind as well as your body — well, just know you’re not going to be good for much else.
  • Ducking for apples — change one let...

Running someone else’s race.

  • True, comparing yourself with others will make you miserable.
  • But it’s actually really hard to run your own race because there’s always someone else in your lane with a little more talent and their shoes already laced up.
  • So here’s some better advice: just run to wher...

Trying too hard to be original.

  • Everything’s been done before. Trying to come up with “all new” concepts and be wholly original is exhausting.
  • So just take something that already exists in the world and put your own spin on it. As creative guru Austin Kleon so aptly puts it: Steal like an artist.
  • Or go wi...

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