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Creating Spotify playlist has always been a fun hobby to me. It expresses my feelings and it relaxes me. That's why I wanted to give some tips I learned through time. Hope this helps :)

How To Create An Aesthetic Spotify Playlist ✨ + Tips

✨ Music


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The Basics: How To Create a Playlist

On web and desktop app: click the "Create Playlist" in the top left corner, right up your liked songs. 

On mobile: Go to your library and simply click the + bottom in the top right corner. 

The Playlist Concept

Generally, a good playlist has a concept, a theme or a specific vibe.

Here are some examples:

  • Think about a specific genre or mood (kpop songs, happy songs, sad vibes)
  • Think about a vibe or a POV (main character songs, vibing alone in your room,...

Give It A Title

Choosing a title for your playlist is up to you. 

You can keep it simple: "Happy songs", "songs for your birthday"

Or you can spice things up: "good vibes", "life's a movie", "heavy dreaming"

Spend some time thinking about a good and aesthetic title that fits y...

Time For The Playlist Photo

If I had to choose between the playlist photo and the title, I would probably choose the photo. 

It helps so much with visualization and concept.

Personally, I search all the photos on Pinterest. There you can find a variety of aesthetic pics that can give yo...

Let's Add The Songs

Ok, so now that you have your concept, title and photo, it's time to add the songs. 

Of course, the songs have to fit the concept that you chose. If your concept is happy songs, you'll have to add upbeat, happy and joyful songs. 

-- Continue reading for songs tips --

  • The process does not have to be followed in order, you can search for photos before thinking about a concept, or you can have a title before anything else, or you can have an idea just by listening a song.
  • Inspiration can come from everything, always be open
  • No playlist is wr...

Photos Tips

  • On Pinterest, search for: "aesthetic photos/icons/pics" or search for your concept aesthetic
  • If you find something that you like, open the photo and scroll down to find similar photos. 
  • Search for Pinterest boards that fit your concept. If you need some black photos you can s...

Songs Tips

  • Quickly add the first songs that pop into your mind thinking about the concept
  • Search for similar playlists to find songs inspiration
  • Use the "Enhance" feature on Spotify 
  • Playlists don't have to be quickly completed. Some can remain always open to new songs that you'...

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