Admit it: You’re obsessed with work. Here’s how to change that - Deepstash
Admit it: You’re obsessed with work. Here’s how to change that

Admit it: You’re obsessed with work. Here’s how to change that

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Too focused on work

Too focused on work

When you meet someone for the first time, you probably ask, “What do you do?” Everyone assumes the question is about your career, but who you are and what you do should be more than just your working hours. In fact, having too great a focus on your professional life can be a factor that leads to burnout.

One of the reasons our jobs become an obsession is because we have a greater sense of control over it.  Work is hard, but it still is far more likely to yield reliable gratifications in response to our efforts to control than either the relationships with others or with ourselves.


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How to let go of work

  • Think about the “should” statements you tell yourself when it comes to work. For example, “I should always be accessible” or “I should be able to do it all.” Then ask yourself if that’s really reasonable.
  • Your workday is approximately one-third of your day, and you should strive to maintain a sense of balance by rethinking your priorities.
  • If your organization doesn’t support striving for balance, don’t be afraid to talk to your supervisor. Leaders should lead by example. Even taking simple measures like blocking out time for a quick walk will demonstrate the importance of unplugging.


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I strive not to be busy, but efficient.

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