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Considering a job change or other life change? 7 questions to ask yourself first

Considering a job change or other life change? 7 questions to ask yourself first


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Changing Something In Your Life

  • Perhaps you’re considering a job or role change, starting or buying a business, getting married, or becoming a parent. 
  • Maybe you’re exploring how to volunteer in your community, or how to donate to causes you care about.
  • Perhaps you want to wallpaper a room, learn to invest,...

Exploring Something New: The Problem

Most of us do not suffer from a lack of possibilities, yet overabundant options can be paralyzing and undermine or discourage action. Our prefrontal cortex — the part of the brain that juggles all the options we’re considering — doesn’t have unlimited processing power to constantly consider how o...

How To Choose

There is a nearly limitless range of things that are possible. They require only that we believe and act on our beliefs.

To decide if a stretch of terrain warrants further exploration, here is a seven-point template you can consider.


Wistfully thinking often signals we don’t think a goal is possible and, therefore, it won’t be. If, instead, we are optimistic, saying, “I am so happy I’ve achieved this” as if we already have, there is a kernel of belief that it is within reach. 

Knowing our assumptions guide our m...

Is there an easy way to test whether I want to be on a particular S Curve of Learning? If I decide to stay on this S Curve, will my initial pace be sustainable?

So start small. Set your initial expectations and incremental increases so laughably small, that you deactivate y...

Familiarity In Novelty

There is a general human tendency to want some new knowledge to build on the firm foundation of what we already know.

Familiarity helps you relax and feel safer; too much familiarity may mean stasis. The unfamiliar in small doses surprises and delights and can lead us in ne...

Fitting in The Identity

An S Curve worth pursuing will dovetail with who we aspire to be.

Exploring areas of ourselves and possibilities that have no apparent connection to who we are right now is exciting. They may even be admirable, but they may also mean we get voted off our current island. Peo...

The Cost Of The Reward

Sometimes S Curves aren’t totally voluntary. Circumstances, or people who see potential in us, give us an unexpected push. 

Preplanned or unforeseen, thrilled or terrified, you’ll need to determine whether the reward of being on a specific curve is worth the cost. Even if the reward doesn’t...

Alignment To Our Values

Assessing if an opportunity is aligned with our values is usually easier said than done. We are complex creatures, and our hierarchy of values isn’t always straightforward.

We have our stated, public-facing values. But we also have hidden or “shadow” values that don’t meet the public eye, a...

Ask Yourself Your Why

When contemplating a new opportunity for growth, consider what motivates you — the “why” behind what you are doing. 

If you don’t yet know your “why,” Simon Sinek provides a brilliant yet simple ...

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