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The Spatial Web is the multidimensional version of the internet that is now a reality.


An Introduction to The Spatial Web

An Introduction to The Spatial Web


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The Web 3.0 Era

Across the many “Top Technologies for 2020” lists compiled by the leading research firms around the world, a recurring pattern emerges.

As we bear witness to the Digital Transformation of our world and cross the threshold into the Web 3.0 era, we face some extraordinary choices with serious...

The Boundaries Of Virtual And Real Are Dissolving

The emergence of smart cities and factories, autonomous cars and homes, smart appliances and virtual reality worlds, automated shopping, and digitized personal medicine are transforming the way we live, play, work, travel, and shop. All across the planet, our technologies are breaking out from be...

Progress In The Last Decade

The investments and acquisitions that the largest tech companies have made over the last decade in Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Internet of Things including smart cars, drones, robotics, and biometric wearables as well as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, 5G Networks, 3D prin...

The Moore's Law

These computing technologies coming of age in the 21st century are often referred to as “exponential” — true to Moore’s Law, about every 18 months their capabilities and performance powers double for the same cost.

This is a common effect of computing technologies, known as...

Metcalfe’s Law Of Network Scale

Metcalfe’s Law states that the total value of a network is determined by the number of other users connected to the network. The more users that an individual user can reach through a network, the more valuable the network becomes, even when the features and price of service remain the same. Metc...

Better Phone, Better Network, More Users

An upgraded smartphone on a faster network enables more engagement, content consumption, and sharing, which drives other users to participate. Web 2.0 has driven the adoption from 1 billion Internet users in 2005 to nearly 4 billion in 2019.

3.9 billion people use mobile phones to access th...

The IoT(Internet Of Things)

It will soon become technologically and economically worthwhile to computerize complex things like cars, cities, and humans, but ultimately, we will computerize increasingly smaller things like jewellery, clothing, buttons, and even our very cells.

And because value is best accumulated by c...

The Convergence

What happens when we integrate the physical, digital, and biological domains together? A new multidimensional web emerges — The Spatial Web.

Facilitated by new network protocols, the Convergence could lead to the creation of a new web that connects physical places together ...

The Spatial Web

The Spatial Web weaves together all of the digital and physical strands of our future world into the fabric of a new universe where next-gen computing technologies generate a unified reality; where our digital and physical lives become one.

This is a new kind of network, not one of the inte...

Going Beyond The Limitations Of Today

Today, we can’t share knowledge all that effectively because we cannot share our mental models and maps of the world directly between different brains. We can’t copy/paste ideas and concepts between ourselves, much less create, edit, or share them with AI, or IoT devices.

Using Distributed ...

The power of the Spatial Web initially comes from its ability to describe the world in the language that the world speaks to us in — geometry. The Spatial Web lets us use a digitally-mediated universal language in which all information can become spatial. It enables the current information on the...

From Egocentric To World-centric

The Spatial Web has the potential to move us from predominantly egocentric and ethnocentric concerns to more world-centric ones that are more holistic, equitable, and inclusive.

Today’s web protocols are obsolete as they were designed for interconnecting pages on computers, not people, pla...

The World Replicated In Code

In Web 3.0, we will not only create a “Digital Twin” or soft copy of our world and everything in it, but a Smart Twin of everything, with its own unique ID, interaction rules, and verifiable history capable of being linked and synced to its physical counterpart, spatially.

Like a Wikipedia...

Given the historical importance and exponential power ascribed to Convergence technologies, a comprehensive vision is required that describes how these technologies will be best aligned with our core human values and what the implications will be if they are not. Piecemeal descriptions and indust...

Black Mirror Is Coming To The Real World

If we fail to make the right societal decisions now, as we are laying the digital infrastructure for the 21st century, a dystopic “Black Mirror” version of our future could become our everyday reality.

A technological “lock-in” could occur, where dysfunctional and/or proprietary technologi...

Let There Be 'White Mirror'

Thankfully, there is also a “white mirror” version of Web 3.0, a positive future not well described in our sci-fi stories. It’s the one where we intentionally and consciously harness the power of the Convergence and align it with our collective goals, values, and greatest ambitions as a species. ...

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As we Evolving very rapidly to words the Web 3.0 And we are entering into the world of Technology. So, it our responsibility to Know about it & Understand it’s working. Here is a Quick overview of It. Hope it will help you to understand it.



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