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Portal Guns are some of the most interesting theoretical devices that have been thought up in Science Fiction, and today, I will be diving into the specifics as to how they could be possible.


Wormhole - Wikipedia

Wormhole - Wikipedia



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Portal Guns

Portal Guns, simply defined, is a hypothetical device that would essentially create a portal that could transport an object from one part of the universe to another.

Additionally, Portal Guns in general have seen a variety of applications in games like Port...

The Science Behind It

Contrary to popular belief, there is actually legitimate science that could cement the potential possibility of these portal guns. Understand that there are a couple of parameters that must be met first in order for the Portal Gun to even function.

Fuel Source

Before we jump into anything else, let it be known that there has to be a fuel source of some sort in order for the Portal gun to function.

Even when viewing the Portal Guns in games or TV shows, there is always a substance that allows the Portal Gun to work. Although we have no idea what t...

The Actual Portal

Suppose that we are able to acquire a potential fuel source for this Portal Gun. What would the actual portal even be made out of?

This is where Wormholes come into play.

Wormholes are essentially interdimensional gateways between two different points across the fabri...

Connecting the Dots

I know that we have already made a lot of assumptions today, but let's make one more for the sake of simplicity; The Exotic Matter mentioned earlier can stabilize this hypothetical Wormhole.

Why would the wormhole need to be stabilized? The reason is that w...

Noteworthy Pointers

Before we get to the final product, there are a couple of key things to keep in mind.

In order for the portal to appear wherever you shoot it, that essentially means that there has to be a wormhole everywhere. 

One idea is that there are wormholes being formed and col...

Final Product

Although there are still some questions as to how practical this Portal Gun would be, it is officially complete! 

Granted it might not be the most useful invention ever created, it is certainly interesting to delve into the specifics and really try to understand all of the factors that woul...

Interesting Takeaways

Although this series of ideas only outlined one of the potential ways that a Portal Gun could be possible, there are some other ways that they could exist.

I would describe them all, but that takes the fun out of it!

If this was an interesting read for you, I highly suggest scouring t...



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