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How Fraudsters Steal Your Data in the Digital Age

How Fraudsters Steal Your Data in the Digital Age

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Fraud in the digital age

Fraud in the digital age

The digital transformation is great for many things, but it also creates a playground for cybercriminals, identity thieves and fraudsters.

Cybercriminals are an invisible enemy that only needs a device and internet connection. Then they can make multiple attempts to defraud people or businesses.


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Our identities are under attack

Our identities are under attack

It's easy for cyber fraudsters to steal or assume another's identity. Sometimes it's not even an individual but a ghost, auto-generated by a few lines of code.

Photographic proof is easy as fraudsters give themselves a random human "face" using a facial composition app or by stealing a photograph from someone else's social media page.


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Securing the digital ecosystem

Individuals can put systems and protections in place to stop fraudsters at the source.

Advancements such as zero-trust security and secure access service edge (SASE) models can ensure that security extends to the user and the device, regardless of where they are.


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