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How to Get Lucky?

How to Get Lucky?

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Luck Is Made Up Of Micro Actions

Luck Is Made Up Of Micro Actions

  • Much of what we come to call "luck" is actually the macro result of 1,000s of micro actions. Your daily habits put you in a position where “luck” is more likely to strike.
  • In order to get lucky, you have to remove the “black holes” (anti-luck) from your existence. You have to take actions to expand your personal luck surface area.


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<p>“Luck has nothing to do wit...

“Luck has nothing to do with it, because I have spent many, many hours, countless hours, on the court working for my one moment in time, not knowing when it would come.” - Serena Williams


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The Interstellar Impact

In the movie Interstellar (slight spoiler if you haven’t seen it!), there’s a scene in which the main characters discuss the habitability of a planet on the edge of a large black hole.

The protagonists realize that the proximity to the black hole makes life unlikely to exist on the planet—the black hole absorbed all of the “lucky” events that might have been the spark for life. The asteroids carrying the seeds of life were minuscule

In order to get lucky, you have to remove the “black holes” from your existence. You have to take actions to expand your personal luck surface area.


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Get In The Arena

There's no luck on the sidelines—the arena is where it strikes.

It's lonely and vulnerable, but it's the only path that bears real fruit. When faced with two paths, choose the path that puts you in the arena—where collisions happen, where luck can strike.


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Schedule Free Time

Schedule Free Time

The idea that free time is bad is one of the greatest lies you’ve been told.

In investing, it’s often said that cash is a call option on future interesting investments. Well, in life, I believe that free time is a call option on future interesting opportunities. When you have free time, you have the headspace to pursue new ideas and go down rabbit holes.

Plan for more of it.


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Ruthlessly Cut Negativity

Ruthlessly Cut Negativity

Everyone has a few negative people in their circle. They tell you to be realistic. They laugh at your ambition. They argue.

Eliminate this negativity from your life. It's a boat anchor—a major black hole—cut the damn line and run away from it as fast as you can.

Negative people are quite literally the anti-luck.


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Embrace The Unexpected

Embrace The Unexpected

You should spend your 20s saying yes to almost everything.

Saying yes puts you into uncomfortable situations that lead to new relationships, opportunities, and growth.

These unexpected moments are luck-rich. Embracing them is how you capitalize.


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Creative Boredom Is The Key

Creative Boredom Is The Key

We really need to normalize boredom. Some of your most creative moments come during periods of boredom.

On a walk, in the shower, at a dinner by yourself. You’re bored, your mind wanders, your thoughts mingle. Bam! Insight strikes.

Boredom creates luck. Go for more walks (sans technology), go for more drives, sit quietly and think. You’ll never regret it.


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Perpetual learner.


20’s has been lot of conversation about luck and getting stuck in this hurricane of post pandemic chaos, this article really put me at peace. I hope it does for you too.

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