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Deep Dive into Event-Driven Architecture

Deep Dive into Event-Driven Architecture

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Topology of Event-Driven Architecture

It is important to understand the topology of event-driven architecture to deep dive into various sub-patterns of event-driven architecture. This architecture pattern is based on two main topologies :

  • Mediator
  • Broker


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Mediator Topology

The central mediator plays an important role in mediator topology . It is generally used when it is required to orchestrate various steps with an event through a central mediator. It is helpful for events that have multiple events and needs some level of orchestration to process the event.

Example: Design GPS Programm in a Vehicle

For overall vehicle safety, navigation, and cost estimation plans, GPS data is considered the starting point for designing a proper GPS for a vehicle. They are intended to provide proper business and safety goals.


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The mediator component acts as an orchestrator for every initial step. It identifies the type of event or type of data and sends it to a specific Chann el.

Several tools are present to handle mediator topology. Example- jBPM, Mule ESB, Apache Camel, Spring Integration, etc.


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Event Queue is used to carry the event to the event mediator. It is a kind of enterprise messaging queue system. There are several messaging systems like RabbitMQ, Kafka, etc.


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The event channel is utilized by the event mediator to pass particular events related to each step in the primary event to the event processors. It can be either message topic or message queue.


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It is a component or service application that contains business logic for the execution of business needs on receiving of events. Nowadays these are microservice-based components. It can be a channel queue consumer as well.


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Broker Topology

In Broker topology, the message flow is distributed across the event processor on receiving of event. It is different from a mediator because it is not central. It is useful in chain types of processing. sup

Example: Design Online Food Ordering System

Online food ordering is the process of ordering food from a website.

  • User selects restaurant and orders food.
  • Pays for the ordered food.
  • Restaurant receives notification
  • Delivery partner receives notification
  • Restaurant handovers food to the delivery partner
  • Delivery partner delivers food to the user


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