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13 Quantum Computing Companies Working With Superconducting Technology

13 Quantum Computing Companies Working With Superconducting Technology



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1. AWS

Via a fully managed quantum computing service designed to help speed up scientific research and software development for quantum computing called Amazon Bracket, AWS provides access to quantum annealing technology based on superconducting qubits from D-Wave, as well as access to quantum hardware ...

2. Google Quantum AI

Google offers a quantum computing service to scientists developing algorithms for noisy-intermediate-scale quantum processors like Sycamore.

Everything happens in Google’s quantum research lab located in Santa Barbara, California, where fleets of cryostats, dedicated workshops, and a superc...

2. Google Quantum AI

A multinational that needs no introduction, Google Quantum AI’s quantum computing service provides chaperoned access to NISQ processors and its simulator for researchers who aim to advance the state-of-the-art in quantum computing and publicly share their r...

3. Intel

Intel’s contribution to the QC race using superconducting qubits consists of working to achieve quantum practicality, the transition of quantum technology from the lab to commercial quantum systems that solve real-world problem...

4. Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC)

The first and only UK-based company on the list, OQC was founded in 2017 by Ilana Wisby and Peter Leek and is building quantum computers utilizing superconducting circuits.

OQC has built the UK’s most advanced quantum computers, the only ones...

5. Anyon Systems

A Canadian concern from Dorval, Quebec, Anyon Systems was founded in 2014 by Alireza Najafi-Yazdi.

Anyon has developed unique technologies involving the full vertical hardware stack of a quantum computer by designing and manufacturing superconducting ...

6. IBM

The Armonk, New York-based company’s 127-qubit Eagle processor takes us into uncharted computational territory. This device embodies several important advances in our approach to hardware design, and marks a crucial stage in our climb toward quantum advantage.

7. EeroQ

EeroQ is a New York-based leader in the field of quantum hardware, building a universal quantum computer using electrons on helium (eHe).

At the heart of EeroQ’s technology is the trapping and control of individual electrons floating above pools of superflui...

8. Rigetti Computing

Fresh off closing a SPAC deal to debut on the NYSE, Rigetti Computing (Nasdaq: RGTI) is building the world’s most powerful computers to help solve humanity’s most pressing and important problems.

Rigetti believes quantum computing is going to significa...

9. Quantum Computing Inc (QCI)

Quantum Computing Inc (QCI) (Nasdaq:QUBT) is a publicly-traded cloud-based quantum software vendor, offering ready-to-run software for complex constrained optimization computations. The company’s flagship software solution, Qatalyst, is the indus...

10. Nord Quantique

Nord Quantique is developing superconducting circuits that can mitigate errors on every individual qubit, providing a faster pathway to fault-tolerant quantum computing.

Based in Sherbrooke, Québec, Nord Quantique was founded in 2020 by Julien Ca...

11. Bleximo

A Berkeley, California-based startup founded in 2017 by Alexei Marchenkov, Bleximo is building full-stack superconducting application-specific systems. Its core thesis is that integrated solutions, with a focus on the unique challenges of each high-value practic...

12. IQM

IQM is a Pan-European leader in quantum computers, headquartered in Espoo, Finland.

Founded in 2018 by Dr. Kuan Yen Tan, Dr. Jan Goetz, Professor Mikko Möttönen, and Dr. Juha Vartiainen, IQM delivers on-premises quantum computers for research laborato...

13. Fujitsu

The final superconducting player on today’s list and another behemoth on the global tech scene, Fujitsu is a Japanese multinational information and communications technology equipment and services corporation, established in 1935 and headquartered in ...

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