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SUCCESS Redefined

SUCCESS Redefined

And what does success mean to me?

It doesn't only mean monetary gains.


Building bigger pies and empowering like minded people to achieve small milestones or larger breakthroughs.

So that you don't get sucked into the price war. Because how low can you go?

And in the end? You're NOT sustainable.

It's really about the RIGHT process.

For me? I want to enjoy my process with like minded, thriving, fun loving people.

Keeping an open mind and ready to try and learn our way out of any problems.

Besides sustainable? Comes The F WORD. My favourite alphabet 😏



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Who Says? Did Anyone?

Who Says? Did Anyone?

Who says you can't enjoy your work while having loads of fun; regardless of the outcome, which may NOT turn out as expected?


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Choose, Then Stick To Your Process

Choose, Then Stick To Your Process

Sometimes it feels as if you experience more downs than ups

As you are trying to work hard for your career

Especially now when creating ANYTHING is so much faster and easier

Everyone seems to be crazily giving away loads of 'free stuff' that seem to end up like no one needs to pay for anything anymore...

Which may also mean that your products or services are getting harder and harder to sell

This is when our minds have to remain optimistic and tough

💪If you are going to work through all the hardships & competition of building your business


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The Idea Of Perfect Is Not What You Thought

The Idea Of Perfect Is Not What You Thought

Healthy Perfectionism is totally possible. 

According to Brené Brown

The marked difference between perfectionism vs HEALTHY perfectionism behaviour: 

🙅‍♀️Perfectionism is NOT the same as striving to be your best. 

- Most often perfectionism is used by many as a shield to protect against the pain of judgement or shame. 


🦄Your best. 

🦄The better version of you. 

That's really all there is- to growing and improving.

🥰 This is what you will love yourself for and others will also love you for.

Focus on your process, not just the end outcome.


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Fun Is Intentional

If you want to love your work and enjoy it at the same time, make it an intentional choice to the way you like it.

Which means that you purposely pick & curate your life in a way that you take control of.

Not thinking that there's nothing much you can do about it.

This helps you activate your critical thinking 🤔

How do you structure it into the way you like it?

What sort of things to do?

What's your approach?

Is there a different perception and understanding to the situation?

You have choices.

If in doubt go into entrepreneurship 🔌your ass and werk it.


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I help entrepreneurs beat stagnation & stand out with a strong personal brand. Communications + Customized Brand Attraction program. I'm the liaison between biz & mind of the audience. Profit, scale, create assets (NFTs), become one & own it.


You define what success means to you. Others will fall in place.

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