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This is one of the most important steps to improved care and bettering of doctors in our country and around the world


Principles of evidence based medicine - PubMed

Principles of evidence based medicine - PubMed


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The world of science and medicine are constantly evolving with new discoveries and research. As a health care professional, it is important that we stay up to date with these innovations to provide the best possible care for our patients. 

Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) comprises of the best research evidence, clinical expertise and patient values. In the middle of these three aspects, the sweat spot one might add, is EBM. EBM recognizes that times, as well as research literature, treatments and technologies, are changing and that w...

EBM can be practiced in the following steps:

  1. Formulating answerable clinical questions
  2. Finding the evidence
  3. Appraising the evidence
  4. Applying the evidence
  5. Evaluating performance 

1. Formulating answerable clinical questions

A problem cannot be solved without a solution - and a solution start with a question.

It is often difficult to translate a clinical problem into a answerable question. However, it is good practice to be able to convert our information needs into answerable questions. Use the following acron...

2. Finding the evidence

Once the question is compiled, one must seek relevant evidence that will help answer this question. 

Source of information include:

  • Textbooks and journals (although often disorganized or out of date)
  • Colleagues of experts in the field
  • Secondary sources of reliable...

3. Appraising the evidence

Relevant articles should always be appraised for its validity, clinical usefulness, importance and applicability to the patient/patients of interest.

This is often a skill and involves learning how to ask a few key questions regarding the validity of the evidence and it relevance. This will...

4. Applying the evidence

After appraising for the validity and importance of our evidence, we need to decide whether the evidence can be applied to our patient or population. 

A very important step in this process is keeping in mind the patient's individual personal values and circumstances when making the decision...

5. Evaluating performance

Not only after, but during our incorporation of EBM into routine clinical practice we should constantly be evaluating our approach at frequent intervals. Areas of improvement at each step of the process should be noted as well

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