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Here’s how algorithms are made

Here’s how algorithms are made

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The World Of Algorithms

The World Of Algorithms

As software and algorithms become an increasingly pervasive part of our lives, there’s growing interest and concern about how they are affecting society, the economy, and politics.

Yet, most social studies of algorithms perceive them as obscure black boxes that function autonomously. This isolated look at algorithms, which separates them from their human elements leads us to the wrong understanding and conclusions.


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Elements Of An Algorithm: Ground Truthing

Elements Of An Algorithm: Ground Truthing

When a group of computer scientists, researchers, or engineers gather to create an algorithm, they are initially driven by a set of elements.

These elements define the problem they want to solve and determine the type of data they need to validate their algorithm.

Once the problem is formulated, the researchers must establish the ground truth by collecting the right material that enables them to verify their algorithms and the models they will build in the future.


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Elements Of An Algorithm: Programming

Elements Of An Algorithm: Programming

Eventually, an algorithm moves to the programming phase, where a set of modules and a list of instructions are created to solve the defined problem.

While this phase is usually reduced to pure source code, there is a lot more to programming than that. The most overlooked aspect of programming practices is all the small provisionary inscriptions that accompany the writing of programs.

A better understanding of the whys and wherefores of programming practices would perhaps make it possible to try to infuse this specialness into the algorithmic design communities.


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The Formulation Of The Algorithm

The Formulation Of The Algorithm

  • When an algorithm is implemented and verified against the ground truth, it becomes formulated into a mathematical object that can be later used in other algorithms.
  • Once proven, these algorithms become abstracted, taken as proven claims that need no further investigation.
  • Algorithms, once formulated, become the foundation of other algorithms, where they will contribute to ground-truthing, programming, formulation, and other practices.
  • They become the basis and components of other algorithms and contribute to further work in science.


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