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Some lessons from a Netflix Show


3 Important Lessons Every Creator Can Take From Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’

3 Important Lessons Every Creator Can Take From Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’



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That Netflix Show Set In The 1800s

Bridgerton, shown on Netflix, has become a global success.

Here’s a deep dive into what made it such a success and what lessons every creator needs to remember today. Bridgerton is a great example of a successful series with lessons that every creator can learn from.

Bridgerton Didn’t Try to Be Historically Accurate

Throughout the series, we don't see any substantial racism or discrimination.

The show is for a modern audience, and everything on this show is filtered through a modern lens.

Finding Your Own Content Tilt

In the world of content creation, the content tilt refers to what makes you so different that your audience notices you and rewards you with its attention

The creators of Bridgerton wanted to make something refreshing and unique, and that’s exactly what they did.

The Indian Culture: Exotic Ideas Shown On The Show

  • It is refreshing to have Indian culture represented so well in a British period piece.
  • Kate’s love for chai over regular English tea, Kate and Edwina oiling their hair as most Indian people do, the subtle use of Indian languages, and the stunning Indian-style jewellery.
  • To to...

Three Lessons From Bridgeton For Creators

  1. Embrace “weird” ideas and work on bettering them, because chances are, they could actually be brilliant. Things don’t have to make perfect sense for your content to be amazing and resonate with people.
  2. Adapt your work for different audiences and deliver what your community wants to ...



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