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Markus 's Key Ideas from The Pragmatic Programmer
by David Thomas

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Why some programmers talk to rubber ducks

Why some programmers talk to rubber ducks

Talking to an inanimate object like a rubber duck is a debugging technique called rubber duck debugging.

The term was shaped in 1999 by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas - the authors of the book The Pragmatic Programmer.


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Why it works

Why it works

Explaining a problem (it doesn't even have to be a bug in programming) helps to look at the problem from a different perspective. That helps to better understand what one is trying to accomplish and often the error is almost obvious while explaining it to someone else.


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A very simple but particularly useful technique for finding the cause of a problem is simply to explain it to someone else. The other person should look over your shoulder at the screen, and nod his or her head constantly (like a rubber duck bobbing up and down in a bathtub).



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Rubber Duck vs. Person

Rubber Duck vs. Person

Rubber duck/Inanimate object:

  • very patient listener
  • has infinite time
  • is always available
  • holds back on feedback


  • not always available
  • might not have time/patience to listen to the whole problem
  • might give advice if the problem does not want to solve itself


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I started a habit of reading in my free time a couple months ago and this seems like a convenient place to store the key ideas of each book.


When a bug gets you stuck, explain it to a rubber duck.

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