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Cashmere Goat

Cashmere Goat


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Australian Cashmere Goat

The foundation stock for this farm animal was taken from western and northern Australia, from the local bush goat selection in the late 1970s. The most productive herds yield an average of 250 grams at a diameter of 15 μm, although it is worth noting that the production varies by herd. The Univer...

The Pashmina or Changthangi goat is found in Baltistan (Kashmir regions), China (Tibet), Ladakh, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar.

The Kashmir Pashmina goat bloodline is known to produce the finest cashmere wool and it is one of the favorites of cashmere producers.

Due to the high dem...

Hexi Cashmere Goat

The Hexi cashmere goat has a long lineage in the semi desert and desert regions of the Gansu province in China. Just like the Changthangi cashmere goat, the Hexi cashmere goats are commonly white. These goats are commonly found in the mountain of Ningxia, Gansu and Qinghai provinces.

Liaoning Cashmere Goat

In the 1960s, breeding animals were selected from six counties in the eastern mountain area of a province in Liaoning. Since then, the herd was continually developed and improved to produce cashmere throughout China.

Today, the Liaoning cashmere goat is mainly found in the Liaodong Peninsu...

Some breeders would say that Alpacas are better than cashmere goats. Basically, there are many factors why alpacas are supposedly a smarter choice than cashmere goat breeds. According to the word of farmers and breeders, the alpaca is a smarter and cost efficient choice because it takes fewer res...



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