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The Data Scientist

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A Complex Job

Data Scientist, a complex job. The digital sector has greater mobility than the others, thanks to the fact that the same technologies are applied in a fairly similar way from one industry to another.

It is therefore easy to change jobs, but in the case of Data Scientists the t...

Every company has at its disposal a huge amount of unstructured data, in separate silos, processed for different reasons, and the hope of mixing it all with a sprinkle of artificial intelligence, thanks to the gurus who are the data scientists, is often misplaced.

The dream of transforming ...

In addition to the organizational aspect, in order to be able to keep these professionals in the company for at least 5-6 years so that they add value, the technological aspect also comes to the rescue of the complexity of the work required.

New no-code tools arrive on the market for the cl...

The no-code and low-code approaches are really important in the company: on the one hand they allow "business" colleagues to be increasingly independent in the creation of reports and statistical analyzes, on the other hand they help digital staff to increase their productivity and quality of the...

Tools that, by independently testing which machine learning technique is best suited to the problem, to research the key parameters and also to evaluate the model, allow the Data Scientist to concentrate on creating the model.

Recently, solutions have emerged that can process, understand an...

If until yesterday we were talking to Alexa to turn on the light or look for a piece of music, now we are at the point of asking these tools to help us in the creation of artificial intelligence models.

Think of the advantage of being able to talk to a machine and arrive together with a for...




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When we think beyond impossibilities we create new realities.



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