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The lost art of handwriting

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Digital Writing. Handwriting

Never as on this occasion, the title of this post came spontaneously to me, which I proposed to write in support of the images you see reproduced here. There are several keywords that you can refer to for inspiration: writing, memories, study, time, creativity, languages, communication, and so on...


Under those handwritten pages, with the blue ink of a fountain pen lost on the pages of a notebook faded by time, a keyboard hides that is reflected on the screen of my Librarything digital library. The contrast/conflict between two realities immediately manifests itself, two different worlds, di...

Marcel Proust

Write by hand, write by typing. This is really about having the ability that was all of Marcel Proust when he tried to explore space, time and memory in his famous novel. It took him fifteen years, it's true. I do not know, nor could I, after having accidentally found this notebook of my wife, da...

Moments of connection with the past that is awaken in the present, looking at the harmony of those graphic forms that renew sensations, perceptions, memories and lost moments.

It almost seems to me to re-live, to review the universe of those who wrote with their hand. Is it possible to say ...

Viewing these texts offers confirmation of the countless benefits that have been studied by researchers, brain neurologists, therapists, educators and others who continue to think that handwriting must continue to have a reason for being in an age of technology. advanced.

A type of writing ...

Furthermore, the handwriting process can also have a calming effect and serve as an excellent form of meditation. A good way to express your individuality and personal style. In a book entitled "The Lost Art of Handwriting", the author explores the history of this writing by reintroducin...

 The ease of word processing documents, as well as the development of applications that allow us to synchronize our notes across multiple devices, have made the purpose of handwriting almost redundant.

Handwriting instead strengthens our reading and language processing skills, allows time t...

Research has found that handwriting creates unique pathways in the brain by making those who wrote their notes by hand remember the content better than those who typed them on the keyboard.

The physical act of writing can also have other advantages, in particular with creative writing. Writ...

This can be counterproductive to the creative process. With a blank piece of paper, you tend to simply write, put your ideas on paper, and leave the editing process until later.

Pen and paper can allow us to think more freely when brainstorming. You have a blank page, a pen, and no restrict...

Finally, there is another point, but no less important, that writing is a unique and irreplaceable part of our culture. This is especially true for written languages ​​composed of characters such as Mandarin but also for letters in English. Handwriting styles are unique to the individual and some...

I think there is another level of importance in handwriting as well, a cognitive argument about how information is processed when we write it. Handwriting engages us in a relationship with the written word that is sensual, immediate, and individual. There is a feeling that it is a much more physi...

 We are unable to replicate that experience digitally. The experiences are different and also very important. They all deserve another speech that I plan to make another time. If these are the merits and advantages of handwriting, they are no less than those of digital writing. Different, origina...

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