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How to Actually make passive Income by someone making a million a year only with passive income


Free Passive Income Workshop with Graham Cochrane

Free Passive Income Workshop with Graham Cochrane


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The only thing that matters is he is making a million to 2 million a year in passive income he started off with having to use food stamps

Create original, helpful posts in many different formats to build an audience. The first thing you want is to get your name out there

  1. Use this app
  2. Blog
  3. Podcast

Make Content that People are looking for. Think about what they want to know and then make...

  • Written Content is best for SEO purposes and for making your content more findable
  • No Matter what content you create, always I mean always create a CTA something you want them to do

  • Continue the relationship by adding even more value

Capture There Email Address

  • If they leave without they give you an email address they will never come back
  • Eventually you can sell them through email or point them to your website

  • Selling to your Email List is far more profitable than selling on your site or anywhere else
  • You Control Your Audience
  • Website and Social Media Platforms come and go and they drop in popularity 

  • Do Not Say Join Our Newsletter
  • Instead, use a Benefit Driven Lead Magnet
  • Show them you have massive value to offer and give it to them for free

  • The Best People To Sell To Are Those Who Just Found you and Are Interested In You Right Now!

Write a 5-7 days' worth of Emails for people who just found you

  • Then Teach them or point them to something relevant and make them believe that you are super kn...

  • They cost little to create, little to maintain, and can sell to anyone and be sold to anyone

You can Sell

  • Online Courses
  • Websites, and mobile apps
  • Membership Sites

#1 Reason Products Don't sell is that people build t...

Turn what you Know Into A Digital Product Ask Yourself What do you know? What are you good at? What of those things intersect with what people want or need

  • Look for Frustruations
  • Look for Wants and Wishes
  • Have a Few Deep Conversations

  • Remarkable Content
  • Valuable Lead Magnets
  • Strategic Autoresponder
  • Desirable Digital Products

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