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Improving in Mathematics: 4 Ideas related to Improvement in Mathematics 💡

💯 While solving Mathematics


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Using the SBF Technique

I think doing Mathematics gave me a lot of Stress, and I started to lose interest and patience regarding Mathematics, but then I got to know about the SBF Technique. 

SBF (Slow But Fast) is one of the best Techniques, I have been using lately while doing Mathematics, and anyone can follow i...

Using the Solved Examples as the Ultimate Guide

Yes, the solved examples can be the Ultimate Guide, maybe even a teacher (if you can imagine someone solving it step by step).

Use the solved example section in the following manner: Depending on the Number of solved examples enlisted, use t...

Using Additional Resources

When facing extreme emotions like exasperation, or sadness, try using additional resources, it may be a reference book or maybe a online resource, use what may suit you the best. Some great resources might include:

  1. Khan Academy (YouTube and Website)
  2. Eddie Woo (YouTube)
  3. ...

Knowing the Essence of Mathematics

Yes, Mathematics can be really tough sometimes, but still you should know that you can become really great at it, through time and effort. I recommend you about reading about scientist or mathematicians who struggled with Mathematics, this specifically helped me to know that it's natural to strug...


Mathematics is the Cheapest Science. Unlike Physics or Chemistry, it does not require any expensive Equipment. All one needs for Mathematics is a Pencil and a Paper. 

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