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You Are Average

You Are Average

  • That is "I am not Mr.perfectionist". There are people above me and I am ahead of someone.
  • Atleast from them who aren't even trying.

But I have to climb up those people above me and reach to much higher heights.

"To become a person better than my yesterday."


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Fear Of Failure

Fear Of Failure

  • Or I know that-"I can be defeated".
  • This is a must thing to be able to compete with yourself and not going numb,lazy.
  • When I slack off sometimes ,this is the thing that reminds me to work again.


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A Competitor

A Competitor

  • Anybody who give you competition, a person who is a "physical obstruction" between you and your goal.
  • I have to overcome this and when you overcome him/her, find a new competitor.
  • You may ask- "By doing this we will always be competing and comparing us with others".
  • But a physical person is much easier to overcome rather than mental laziness,and ego of "I am the Best,no one can defeat me".

By following this you can achieve your goal easily and may be ahead of more than your competition.


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Not Having High Hopes From Yourself

Not Having High Hopes From Yourself

  • Just "do your work continuously & not giving a single thought that you'll definitely be on top of your competition".
  • By this mindset you may not be first but will be more ahead than others(who not even tried or slack off sometimes) AND,
  • Most importantly you'll be "SATISFIED" with whateveryou achieve because you gave it your all.

And that is definitely fine and healthy for your mind & body to grow further in future.

And achieve anything in life if you give it your all.


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"The only way to do great work,

Is to love what you do"



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A normal human being, observing things ,finding insights psychologically and sharing experiences.


This helped me to be motivated everyday & do work continuosly and want to share so others can benefit.

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