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The Authenticity Project


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The Authenticity Project

by Clare Pooley

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  • Authenticity means the quality of being genuine and true (as per the Oxford Dictionary)
  • You’re an authentic person if you know what you’re comfortable with, what you’re not comfortable with and you’re willing to take a stand for yourself and your beliefs.
  • As and when you keep reaching outside your boundaries of comfort, your likes and dislikes keep changing and you get a deeper understanding of what you want / don’t want in your life.
  • Just be honest with yourself about your comfort zone and keep pushing it’s boundaries to achieve your desires.


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If you use hardness to resist force then both sides will break. Meet hardness with softness, so incoming force exhausts itself.


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About Love

Someone can fall in love with you and then just as easily fall out of love.

You can fall in love with someone and then fall out of love just as easily too.

You can still care for someone whom you’re not in love with anymore.

You can still love certain aspects about a person but not be in love with them. 


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It’s Easier To Hate The One Who Falls Out Of Love

While it is easier to just hate the person for falling out of love with you it is much more stronger of you to be okay with it and move on.

Your life shouldn’t stop or change its course just because one person decided to not play the role that you (alone or with your partner) had, at one point, thought both of you would play in your lives. 


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Be Your Own Sun

You should be your own sun but that doesn’t mean that you have to be extremely independent and build walls around yourself. You can find love in the most unusual places and people but you have to keep yourself open to the possibilities for that to happen.


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How do you know you’re being authentic, being your true self? This book helps you understand authenticity through the actions of various characters from different walks of life and their individual perspectives