Varaha Avatar - Third Avatar Of Vishnu - Deepstash
Varaha Avatar - Third Avatar Of Vishnu
Varaha Avatar - Third Avatar Of Vishnu
Varaha Avatar - Third Avatar Of Vishnu


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Varaha Avatar - Third Avatar Of Vishnu

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Hiranyaksha - The Emperor

The demon appeared like a powerful grandiose creature skyscrapping itself till end of the sky, blocking the winds, rays of the Sun. Easy to catch anybody's attention even in the three lokas. He is said to have stolen the significant spiritual knowledge of Vedas and Holy Writings from the Lord Brahma when he was asleep.


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The Fall

The Hiranyaksha in his endless greed tried to capture all the significant resources of earth, he started mining and quarrelling the earth. As nobody to stop him, the Mother Earth became weak and baseless, fell to the bottom of the universe - primeval waters.


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Arrival Of The Saviour

Lord Vishnu transformed itself as a beautiful boar Varaha. Initiated just as a miniaturous form, it carried the earth from the bottom of the primeval waters on its tusks, till it grew big until reaching upto heavens.

Apart from the genuine ugliness of the boar which we look, Varaha was one of the most mastered and empathic creation of the universe with the 2 golden tusks and lustre-pearl eyes.


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Restoring The Balance Of The Earth

The reason for this type of reincaranation was the boon which Lord Brahma gave to the demon Hiranyaksha, stating that no human, beast or God would able to defeat him.

Varaha fought with the demon, defeating and acquiring the gem consisting of the Vedas Knowledge and giving it back to the Lord Brahma.


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