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Going Green: What Does it Mean and How to Start

Going Green: What Does it Mean and How to Start


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Going Green: What Does it Mean and How to Start

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Going green

"Going green" can be used by some companies as a PR campaign to hide other not-so-earth-friendly practices. However, some companies try to make a real change.

  • Conserve the resources you consume.
  • Reduce pollution, from soap down the drain to food packaging.
  • Conserve energy use.
  • Reduce consumption. Think twice before purchasing something. Think if you already have something similar you can use or consider buying used.
  • Reduce waste. Use items until you cannot use them anymore. This means fewer items end up in landfills, and there's less need to produce things.


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Sustainability can be defined as, "the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.”

The earth is made up of finite sources, which means taking steps to ensure the earth will be able to sustain itself in the long term.


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Eco-friendly means thinking about the ecology and ensuring the products you consume and the practices you keep have a minimal impact on the earth.

  • Eco-friendly products are non-toxic - made without toxic materials, pesticides, or herbicides.
  • Eco-friendly products may be made with recycled materials.
  • Eco-friendly products contain ingredients that are sustainably grown or manufactured.


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How to live greener

  • Take active steps such as not using disposable coffee cups.
  • Living sustainably is a lifestyle choice and journey. Start small and work your way up to more challenging ways of sustainable living.
  • Reduce light usage. Turn off lights or appliances when you aren't using them.
  • Use less water. Try taking shorter showers, and avoid unnecessary baths.
  • Drive less. Use other modes of transportation such as walking or biking instead of taking your car.
  • Reuse.
  • Buy local to reduce shipping fuels.


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