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Be a More Sustainable Traveler - Travel Guides

Be a More Sustainable Traveler - Travel Guides


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Be a More Sustainable Traveler - Travel Guides

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Where to go

The shorter the distance from home you travel, the lower your carbon footprint.

  • Find local adventures, such as walking in unexplored areas of your neighbourhood or visiting museums in your city. Consider driving a few hours to a beach or forest.
  • Places with the lightest footprint include Slovenia's cities and towns and Spain's locations.
  • More popular tourist destinations. Consider going outside peak months. Stay longer, choose accredited accommodation, and find local activities that give back to residents.
  • Visit places that need volunteering and support.


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  • Use an eco-friendly booking site for accommodation. Sites should calculate your carbon footprint per night and include eco-friendly ratings.
  • Consider using a sustainable travel agent that organises trips and activities for you that consider environmental and social impact. 
  • Look for a verification system to determine if a business is simply greenwashing.
  • Seek out local experiences.


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