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Successful people/ secrets


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Successful people/ secrets

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Warren Buffett and Bill Gates's Top Secret to Success

Many of the most highly successful people in the world I have spoken to attribute a singular focus -- a commitment to the pursuit of one main goal or arena -- to their success.

In fact, it's how we often determine success. Historically, renaissance men who were well-rounded in a number of pursuits were well-regarded for the breadth of their knowledge and endeavors. Now, we often equate success with being the best or amongst the best in a peer groups

So, how can you stay focused in a world with so many distractions?


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Set a concrete goal or focus

When he was in college, accumulating $40,000 in college debt, he set a goal to have a $1 million net worth by age 30. Heknew exactly what his goal was. Then, he created a plan of milestones to achieve that goal, and it did not deviate from it until he had reached it.

It's much easier for you to focus if you set a clear path for yourself up front and stay relentlessly committed to it.


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Follow your own path

Warren Buffett has had more success as an investor than any other individual in history. Daily, there are recommendations to act a certain way, but Warren says that he doesn't follow the path or the advice of other investors. He sticks to exactly the types of businesses he understands well and only acts on an investment if he feels there is a need to, which means he has made very few investments or "trades" over the course of his many decades-long investment career. If you know what works for you, you shouldn't be distracted by what others are doing.


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Know the rules of the game

Albert Einstein famously said, "You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else." These are incredibly powerful words in terms of focus. We are a society of taking action, but part of the focus should not just be doing, but really understanding the parameters of what you need to do, now and in the future. Buffett spends a significant portion of his time reading and very little time actually taking action. Learning and understanding the upfront and changing parameters of the market in which you are participating will aid your focus in the right place.


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Use a litmus test for your time

There are so many distractions and opportunities in life, you have to constantly ask yourself if you are spending your time on your focus. If you find yourself pulled in different directions, get rid of some of your activities. When you are doing a task, ask yourself if it is in support of your focus. If it's not, let it go.

You may not end up as wealthy as Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, but having a sincere focus on what you are trying to accomplish -- combined with a perseverance to stick with it day in and day out -- will make for an incredibly successful you.


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