What are the best egg substitutes for baking? | BBC Science Focus Magazine - Deepstash
What are the best egg substitutes for baking? | BBC Science Focus Magazine

What are the best egg substitutes for baking? | BBC Science Focus Magazine

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Eggs contain over 40 different proteins, which hold the key to their culinary success.

  • Heat or whisking causes irreversible coagulation and transforms eggs into semi-solid or solid states.
  • When egg whites are whisked, it unravels proteins and adds air bubbles. The proteins collect at the surface of the bubbles, preventing the air bubbles from popping, even during cooking.
  • Egg yolk contains an emulsifier called lecithin that keeps oil droplets dispersed in water, preventing them from separating.


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Egg substitutes

Egg substitutes

It is difficult to find a complete substitute for eggs.

Egg emulsifiers are the easiest to replace, such as soy lecithin as a substitute. Flax or chia seeds, bananas or mustard can also be used to stabilise emulsion droplets. 

Eggs as thickeners are harder to replace, although ground flax or chia seed can work well in cookies or muffins.


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Replacing eggs’ foaming ability

Replacing eggs’ foaming ability

Aquafaba is a temperature-resistant foamer made from the water in which legumes such as chickpeas have been cooked.

The liquid contains protein, starch and fibre useful for egg-free meringues.


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