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Humanity's farthest Milestones

Humanity's farthest Milestones


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Humanity's farthest Milestones

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The Farthest Human Settlement

The farthest Human settlement which is constantly under Human interaction, is the International Space Station (ISS)

Established in almost 2000 and has been occupied and monitored by humans ever since


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The Farthest Humans Ever Went

The farthest Humans have ever been in this vastness, is not so vast...

We have only landed on our own moon since the start of the space age

The farthest Humans went was during the Apollo missions, specifically the one, in which the astronauts landed on the opposite side of the moon, making it the farthest Humans ever went.


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The Farthest Moving Ground Robot

The farthest moving ground robot Humans have sent is to our neighbour, Mars... We have sent many rovers on Mars, most popular being Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity, And the latest Perseverance Rovers

The perseverance rover also had a companion helicopter called ingenuity that made the first flight on another celestial body


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The Farthest Ground Touching Satellite

The farthest we have Ever landed on any celestial body is Saturn's moon Titan

While the Cassini huygens mission, the Cassini probe detached its companion Huygens probe into the atmosphere of Titan, where it slowly descended onto its surface and shows us the pictures and info of Titan... It was immovable though... Sadly


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The Farthest Celestial Body Visited

The farthest object ever visited by a flyby was a peanut shaped asteroid in the Kuiper belt

After visiting the dwarf planet Venus, the New Horizons satellite went on its journey to the asteroid and sent us it's pictures and data. It is the farthest Humans ever visited.


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The Farthest Any Artificial Object Ever Went

Launched with great plans is the Voyager 1 in the last century

It visited the outer planets and sent us their info, and then, by their gravity also got an astonishing speed that allowed them to reach the escape velocity of the sun. Right now Voyager 1 has left the solar system officially and 150 AU away from Earth

It is still in contact and is expected to lose contact with us in the next 5 or 6 years... It will then keep drifting away in the dark empty space all alone

But, it has a Golden disc with sounds and images of Earth, with the hope that some aliens will find it one day & know about us :)


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