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Amazing Gmail Hacks!

Amazing Gmail Hacks!


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Amazing Gmail Hacks!

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Hacks In Gmail?

Gmail can be a really powerful tool, if used effectively. And you know there are some amazing hacks that can help you to be the boss of Gmails!


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Spending Too Much Time Writing/Reading Mails?

Here are 5x more efficient keyboard shortcuts

My favourites:

1. ⌘/Ctrl + Enter = send

2. ⌘/Ctrl + Shift + 7 = numbered list

3. ⌘/Ctrl+Shift +8 = bulleted list

4. Cmd + [ = indent

Full list here: Link


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Taking Too Long To Find The Right Email?

Taking too long to find the right email?

Use advanced search.

And at the end of every day, all I need is: "label:unread label:inbox"

Full list of advanced search operators : Link


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Fear Of Missing Important E-mail?

Organise with Filters and Labels

How to create labels;

  1. Open email
  2. 3 dot menu
  3. filter messages


  1. Search bar
  2. 3line icon
  3. create filter
  4. configure

How to manage labels?

3dot menu on label name

manage preferences :


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Want To Convert E-mails Into To-dos?

Use Gmail Tasks

1. Use single click "add to tasks" icon

2. Refer to all tasks in the side bar

3. Click on task to find the original email

4. Mark tasks done with a single click

Tasks is a life saver for work emails.


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Wasting Time The Same Content Over And Over Again?

Use templates.

  1. Click gear icon
  2. See all settings
  3. Advanced
  4. Templates section
  5. Enable
  6. Save Changes


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Found It Useful?

Save them in your stash and I'll be back with part 2 very soon!


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