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The Rocket Itself

The Rocket Itself

The Starship can be thought as 2 distinct parts, and both of them are reusable

  • The SuperHeavy Booster
  • The Starship


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The SuperHeavy Booster

The SuperHeavy Booster

It is the first stage of the Starship system, It's task is to make the Starship reach the upper atmosphere, Since it is reusable, it lands back to the surface on a pre decided spot safely, and can be reused again


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The Starship

The Starship

It consists of everything required for a Mars travel (6-9 months) Inside it will have all amenities, living space, kitchens, gym, experiments area, observation floor, many things in the upper half

In the mid section will be a bit of cargo, although most cargo will go by individual starships

Lower half will have the fuel tanks, engines, Landing legs and all necessary for an Incredible Journey

The Starship half vertically will have heat shields, to safely reenter Mars atmosphere


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The Launch

The Launch

Its a long procedure, Inshort it is...

  1. SuperHeavy and starship are at the launchpad, SuperHeavy lifts off, goes to the upper atmosphere
  2. SuperHeavy decouples and starships engines fire, to achieve a stable orbit around earth, Meanwhile SuperHeavy lands back on earth
  3. Now starship is in orbit, but Out of fuel, so another starship launches with only fuel, by the same SuperHeavy
  4. It docks with the main starship in orbit and transfers all the fuel to fill its tank, and events back to earth
  5. The Starship now fires it's engines for a trajectory to Mars, Now we just sit down and wait for 6 7 months


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7 Minutes Of Terror

7 Minutes Of Terror

The landing procedure from when we touch the atmosphere of a planet to touchdown is called 7 minutes of terror

  • The engines fire before reaching Mars, to slow down the rocket a bit
  • We enter Mars atmosphere, ReEntry begins to heat our spaceship, now the Heat shield side is facing it
  • We survive ReEntry, and are flying above Mars, thanks to its wings
  • We backfire engines, and cancel the horizontal velocity, so now we are falling straight down
  • When near to the surface, the landing gears deploy, Engines fire, and we slowly touchdown
  • We finally landed on Mars :)


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Want to be an Astronomer and Astrophysicist I like creative Ideas, and Startups


How does the SpaceX Starship work, from structure to landing, Here it is...

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