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How to Gamify Life

How to Gamify Life

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Recently, I’ve come across an interesting idea that seems to have the potential to greatly boost one’s enjoyment of life, as well as their productivity: gamification.

Gamification is the process of combining game elements with scenarios outside of an actual game and it can be applied to almost anything, including your daily life.


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The Principles Of Gamification

The Principles Of Gamification

  • There must be a clear objective.
  • There must be a clear way of measuring success.
  • There must be rewards and a sense of progression.
  • There must be some variety and unpredictability.
  • There should be immediate feedback.
  • There has to be a plan for failure that remains compassionate to the player.
  • There must be clear rules and conditions.
  • It must be a game you want to play.


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How To Gamify Your Life

How To Gamify Your Life

  • Determine the objectives. What are you working towards? Why?
  • Determine a clear way of reaching success. What do you have to do to reach the objective? Can it be divided into several small steps?
  • Determine the victory conditions. How will you measure your success? How soon can you get this feedback?
  • Determine the rewards and milestones. What will I get when I succeed? What milestones are there?
  • Determine the rules and conditions of the game. What happens if I do X? Are there any exceptions?
  • Determine a plan for the event of failure. Are there any penalties or punishments? How will I continue?


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Tips And Optional Ideas

Tips And Optional Ideas

  • Make a “playbook” that details key players, current quests, bosses, countermoves, status conditions, and/or progression.
  • Experiment with reward systems. Is the loot predetermined or determined at random through a dice roll? Is it points that can be exchanged?
  • Try to make rewards connect in some way to the objective. E.g. a gym membership if you’re trying to work out.
  • Ensure the rewards don’t negate the goal. E.g. treating yourself to some cake when you’re trying to eat less sugar.
  • Keep the game simple and don’t over-design.
  • Set milestones, unlockables, achievements, points, and/or skill levels.


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Tips And Optional Ideas Pt. 2

Tips And Optional Ideas Pt. 2

  • Define clear boundaries. Your entire life doesn’t have to and shouldn’t be a game.
  • Set yourself up to win. You don’t get extra points for playing life in hardcore mode.
  • Include boosters that are limited to certain conditions or connected to a core activity.
  • Design mini-games, special modes, and time-based challenges for additional variety.
  • Create a dashboard of current progress, a character sheet of sorts, or game map.
  • Set aside “playtime” every day and make sure you’re playing the game you want to be playing.
  • Gamify certain metrics. E.g. have a water bar if you’re trying to drink more water, etc.


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“Action is the foundational key to all success.”



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A Final Note

Remember that gamifying life is supposed to help you better get things done. Make sure you don’t get so lost in designing that you never take action.

Have a great day, and I hope this inspired you to take the action to use your time.


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“The key to life is not accumulation, it is contribution.” - Stephen Covey


Some of my thoughts and ideas regarding gamification that may help others formulate their own systems.

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