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Podcasts for a better life

Yes, podcasts are the new age practise to develop a new YOU. Many platforms are supporting podcasts, as they give a better understanding of a subject. You can listen to your favourite podcast, choose a topic, and follow for more.


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What are the benefits of listening to a podcast?

It improves your language, which is helpful for multilingual people. Since there are countless podcasts available in the English language, listening to them daily will contribute to your language journey.

Insights without getting distracted by visuals

Visuals can distract you from concentration. Podcast is a solution for that. It gives you insights without turning your attention away. You can read more here.


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Best inspiring podcasts

7 Good Minutes Daily by Clyde Lee Dennis

This podcast is mainly for busy people; it takes only 7 minutes to motivate you or enlighten your journey. The next 7 minutes will teach you everything you need to go ahead without fearing the walls crushing your dreams and energy. You can listen to the greatest minds in the world, like Jay Shetty, Mel Robbins, Robin Sharma, etc.


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Huberman Lab

This podcast talks more in a scientific way. It teaches us how our brains and thought processes work in order to better guide them. Sometimes they are lengthy; however, your life will not be wasted by listening to this beautiful podcast.


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Podcast 3

The Mindset Mentor

This podcast blends neurology, early childhood development, etc. to help you create your best versions to make this world a beautiful green carpet.

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Professionally a content writer with 3+ years of experience. I'm a literature student who is so interested in every aspect of literature. A self-motivated person who is happy to share something good and inspirational. Let's talk with heart❤️


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