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by George Orwell

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The story follows Winston, a 39-year old who lives in Oceania, a totalitarian state that wants to control every aspect of its people’s lives and tries to avoid the mistakes similar regimes have done in the past.

They claim that power should not be a means to an end. If the Party seeks power for its own sake, then there is no way they will lose it.


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Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull.



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The Party employs various methods to maintain its power and control over the population. One of these methods is "Newspeak," a language designed to limit the range of thought and eliminate unorthodox or rebellious ideas. Another key aspect is the constant surveillance through telescreens, which monitor citizens for any signs of misbehavior.


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Winston hears about a secret brotherhood, and he starts a diary where he expresses his rebellious thoughts. He becomes involved in acts of subversion and attempts to challenge the Party's control. As the book follows his story, you hope he will eventually succeed in overturning the state, but the ending is not a happy one.


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Altering Reality

The Party claims that past events survive only in written records and in human memories. Therefore they are constantly altering past events to suit their present needs.

Whenever the Party decides a person must be killed, they also erase the person's name from every written record. That person never existed.

They do the same for ideas, and they plan to abolish even the most common ones, such that one should want to have a family.


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Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.



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We do not destroy the heretic because he resists us: so long as he resists us we never destroy him. We convert him, we capture his inner mind, we reshape him. We burn all evil and all illusion out of him; we bring him over to our side, not in appearance, but genuinely, heart and soul. We make him one of ourselves before we kill him. It is intolerable to us that an erroneous thought should exist anywhere in the world, however secret and powerless it may be. Even in the instant of death we cannot permit any deviation.



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Worth reading.

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