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Balancing the Core

Balancing the Core

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Balance is a developing skill.

Balance is a developing skill.

Why would it be developing?

Simple, because nothing is guaranteed or set in stone. 

Every day is different. While we have our schedules, habits, and norms to follow, gusts of wind swoop in unannounced to throw us off our game.

The view is ever-changing, and adaption is required. 

How do we find that equilibrium? Do we adapt or tumble towards chaos and loss of control?

We focus on our core!


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Core is key!

Core is key!

Our core sustains our balance which sustains our tumbles.

To not know who we are, what we believe, or where our lines are drawn, is to plonk around like a buoy on the ocean.

We then can't weather the storm, but get tossed around, barely staying afloat.

It starts with us. 

We can't find our balance in the waves or the gusts.

Be still, and find your core...


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When it comes naturally...

When it comes naturally...

Once our core is installed and set into action, it becomes second nature. 

Outside influence runs its course, like water off a duck's back and that is the point.

To absorb what is needed and discard what is not. To align the absorbed with the core is to grow in light and love.

While it sounds pretty flimsy, it's not. Darkness cannot survive in light - and light is love.

What comes naturally to us? What comes naturally to you?


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It's the little things that build the dreams into reality. Personal growth is an investment into THAT dream becoming YOUR reality..


When random thoughts suggest being highlighted on a well-deserved and enjoyed tea break. Balance is not found, it's nurtured and one cannot be balanced, if you have no core...

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