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The Finite & The Infinite Game

•Finite games have winners and losers, predefined space and time. They seek mastery and completion.

•Infinite games have no predetermined end, they continue as long as players keep playing. They seek continued re-engagement and participation.

Action: Consider which "games" you play in life - are they more finite or infinite in nature? Focus on playing more infinite games that allow for growth and learning.


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The Rules Of Finite Games

•Finite games have fixed sets of rules that determine outcome. Players try to master the rules and procedures to win.

•Rules limit creativity and power in finite games, whereas in infinite games rules are invitations not limitations.

Action: Examine the "rules" in your life and work - are any stifling creativity and growth? Consider loosening fixed rules to allow more flexibility.  


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The Rules Of Infinite Games

•Infinite games have loose, changeable rules made by players during play to sustain the game.

•Rules in infinite games serve to deepen involvement, not predetermine outcomes. They allow for continuous learning.

Action: Implement "rules" in your own life and work that serve to keep you engaged and learning vs. limit you. Loosen rules when needed.


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Power In Finite & Infinite Games

•Power in finite games seeks domination and control over others. The powerful few control the many.

•In infinite games power seeks circulation amongst many players, empowering others to keep the game in play.

Action: Consider how you wield power and influence - do you seek to dominate or empower others? Focus on circulating power to enable growth for all.


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