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Why So Many People Are Unhappy in Retirement



Why So Many People Are Unhappy in Retirement
Too often, we imagine life to be like the hero’s journey, and leave out its crucial last step: letting go.


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The script of a lifetime

The script of a lifetime

There seems to be, for most of us, a certain journey, that we follow throughout our life: the call of adventure is the first part, followed by the ordeal and ending with the victory.

However, after the so-called victory-which, of course, implies the individual being successful - there does seem to be a blank. And this occurs because people react differently to the idea of retirement: some are scared of it, some enjoy it.



Understanding our own journey

The journey of life is meant to be well understood in order to be enjoyed and well lived.

Therefore, having a reasonable reaction to whatever happens to us, especially when it comes to the final stage - the retirement - is of particular importance, as it provides essential information on ourselves.


A happy retirement

When it comes to the closure of everything that you have lived, you certainly want to have a positive experience.

In order to make this happen, make sure you have done your best to achieve your goals while working hard. At the end of it all, enjoy the time you have left by being there for the ones who need you the most.



Unintended consequences

Because we mostly react instead of think, our actions are based on insufficient information. We grab for a solution without thinking deeply about the context of the problem: e.g: We try to che...

Tactical hell

You find yourself embroiled in several struggles or battles. You seem to get nowhere but you feel like you have invested so much time and energy already that it would be a waste to give up. You have actually  lost sight of your goals. Instead it has become a question of asserting your ego.

You need some detachment and perspective. Remind yourself that winning an argument or proving your point really gets you nowhere in the long run.

Ticker tape fever

Many of us have become addicted to the minute-by-minute news cycle, to “what’s trending". We feel like we are connected to the very flow of life itself, to events as they change in real time, and to other people who are following the same instant reports. Once we expect to have some bit of news quickly, we can never go back to the slower pace of just a year ago.  Our attention span decreases as well as our tolerance for any obstacles in our path.

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Rafiki - The Lion King

The past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it, or… learn from it.”

Rafiki - The Lion King

Brace Yourself For The Sequel

Every good story deserves a sequel. Keep swimming!

What this means for you: You’ve learned from your failures, now learn from your successes — and build off them. Get ready for the next adventure and watch the cycle repeat itself.


After conquering their challenges characters are “reborn” with greater knowledge and power than before. They teamed up with friends to save others, and in the process saved themselves.

What this means for you: Take stock of what you accomplished. Enjoy it.

Fighting your inner battles

Like most other things in our life, getting healthy is more about fighting our inner battles - desiring the bad food, wanting to drink and smoke, or forgoing the planned workout.

Identify the demon first

It is difficult to fight an inner battle if you do not know what you are fighting.

Get to the root of the problem by putting a face on that demon. Identify the real problem that is holding you back.

Stay Away Until You’re Ready

Don't try to fight your inner battle until you have leveled up. The inner battle you're facing never goes away completely. It just becomes easier when you are prepared.

  • Remove all the junk food out of your house until you’re better equipped to handle it.
  • Drive a different path to work so that you can avoid Burger King and McDonald’s.
  • Take a month off from going out to bars.