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Six Ways To Start Thinking Like a Boss

Six Ways To Start Thinking Like a Boss

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Six Ways To Start Thinking Like a Boss

Six Ways To Start Thinking Like a Boss

Thinking like a boss is the key to unlocking a life of freedom and independence. Traditional employment shackles us to the control of others, stifling our ability to think and act independently. But when you break free and become a solopreneur, a world of unlimited possibilities opens up.

Becoming a boss means taking charge of your own destiny. No longer will you be subjected to someone else's whims and demands. You have the power to make your own decisions, solve your own problems, and build a business that reflects your vision and values. 


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You Make the Decisions and Solve the Problems

You Make the Decisions and Solve the Problems

As a solopreneur, you call the shots for your business and life. Develop problem-solving skills, and excel in marketing, project management, web design, HR, accounting, and law. Embrace multitasking and adaptability due to limited resources. The journey may be challenging, but it's a path of personal growth and fulfillment.


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You Hold the Purse Strings and Fill the Purse

You Hold the Purse Strings and Fill the Purse

As a solopreneur, you must take charge of your finances. You are 100% in charge of the money that facilitates your life and the time it takes to make it. While working for someone else, you might not know what they’re charging for the end product or how your time fits into it. You have to charge enough to cover not only your time but also your overhead, taxes, benefits, PTO, and everything else it takes to run a business. Yapa, yapa, yapa... But it's true, becoming good with finance is a must when solo journeying your business.


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You Know What You’re Worth and How To Ask for It

It's essential to know your worth and communicate it to potential clients. Society has created a stigma around talking openly about money in the workplace. You must get comfortable talking about money with other people, including clients, employees, and other freelancers, regularly. You have to define your value and demand the right compensation based on that value.


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You Decide What You Do and When You Do It

Starting a Solopreneurship comes with flexibility and control over your work and life, but you must think carefully about your priorities. You can't do everything or all the things you used to do as a traditional employee. Be intentional about what you prioritize, identify tasks that align with your business goals, and focus on them.

If you are a procrastinator this life is not for you. This way of doing business requires a lot of resilience and self-control. If not, everything goes to hell.


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You Develop Yourself

You Develop Yourself

You must take a proactive approach to develop your skills constantly to be successful as a solopreneur. You need a process for setting your own goals and making them happen. A culture of constant learning is necessary to ensure you have what it takes to drive your business forward.


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You Decide When To Not Work

Solopreneurs can get trapped in the idea of equating work with value. You don't have to work the traditional 40-hour week. There is flexibility in your schedule, but it must align with your business goals. You get to choose when to work and when to rest. Self-employment comes with the responsibility of keeping the lights on, but you can make the hours work for you.


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A Solopreneur

I've talked about a solopreneur too many times in these ideas. But what is a solopreneur? A solopreneur is a self-reliant entrepreneur, managing all aspects of their business independently - sales, marketing, accounting, and more. They thrive as self-starters, taking charge of their brand, time, and income. With complete control, they shape their success, providing unique services or products to clients from a home or small office.

This is not for everyone and sure is a tiring life. But if you achieve success as one, you aim for the top 1%.


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Think like a boss: seize control of your life, make decisive moves, and conquer your goals. Embrace this mindset to run businesses, find success, and savor the freedom of being a solopreneur.

This is it.


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I am a portuguese student living in Lisbon. I'm currently taking a Bachelor's in Management at Nova SBE.


From my point of view, taking control of your life and adjusting to self-control and self-learnt skills is a must to achieve the success one so much desires

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