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100 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Self-Help Maven's Key Ideas from 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself
by Steve Chandler

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Motivation and Visualization

1. Get on your de*thbed

  • Imagine yourself on your de*thbed and speak to your loved ones about what you want them to know. This clarifies what's important.

2. Stay hungry

  • Create a vision of who you want to be and live into it. Stay motivated and hungry to achieve your goals.

3. Tell yourself a true lie

  • Imagine yourself achieving your goals, even if it seems unrealistic now. This visualizes success.

4. Keep your eyes on the prize

  • Stay focused on your goals, don't get distracted by obstacles.


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Simplify your life

5. Learn to sweat in peace

  • Prepare for challenges by doing even harder tasks first. It makes the real thing seem easy.

6. Simplify your life

  • Eliminate clutter and distractions so you can focus on what's important. Simple is strong.

7. Look for the lost gold

  • See opportunities in every situation, don't dwell on problems.

8. Push all your own buttons

  • Know what motivates you and do more of it. Listen to inspiring music, read motivating books.


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Welcome the unexpected

9. Build a track record

  • Prove beliefs about yourself through real accomplishments. Small wins build confidence.

10. Welcome the unexpected

  • Be open to surprises and new ideas. Creativity comes from the unexpected.

11. Find your master key

  • Discover sources of motivation to unlock your potential. Books, mentors, experiences can provide this.

12. Put your library on wheels

  • Use drive time to listen to audiobooks. Feed your mind while commuting.


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Bounce your thoughts

13. Definitely plan your work

  • Make plans for what you want to accomplish each day. It brings focus and control.

14. Bounce your thoughts

  • Shift negative thoughts to optimistic ones through practice. Like bouncing a basketball.

15. Light your lazy dynamite

  • Jumpstart motivation by easing into tasks slowly. Momentum builds.

16. Choose the happy few

  • Surround yourself with positive people who support your growth. Limit time with negative ones.


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Learn to play a role

17. Learn to play a role

  • Act confident and motivated even if you don't feel it yet. Emotions follow action.

18. Don't just do something...sit there

  • Make time to reflect in solitude. It fosters creativity.

19. Use your brain chemicals

  • Do activities that release motivating neurochemicals: laugh, sing, hug.

20. Leave high school forever

  • Don't let others' opinions limit you. Focus on growth, not judgment.


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Kill your television

21. Learn to lose your cool

  • Take risks socially, be vulnerable. This builds confidence.

22. Kill your television

  • Reduce passive entertainment. It drains energy. Read, create instead.

23. Break out of your soul cage

  • Leave your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to grow.

24. Run your own plays

  • Be proactive in creating your day. Let life respond to you.


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Find your inner Einstein

25. Find your inner Einstein

  • Unleash creativity by imagining solutions. Like Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

26. Run toward your fear

  • Do what scares you. Growth happens outside your comfort zone.

27. Create the way you relate

  • Bring creativity to your relationships. Apply this to business and personal connections.

28. Try interactive listening

  • Ask engaging questions. Listen fully. This builds stronger relationships.


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Be your own disciple

29. Embrace your willpower

  • Know you have willpower, it can be developed like a muscle.

30. Perform your little rituals

  • Create routines that spark motivation like reading goals or inspirational quotes.

31. Find a place to come from

  • Generate happiness now, don't wait for external circumstances.

32. Be your own disciple

  • Build willpower through small victories, like resisting temptation.


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Be a good detective

33. Turn into a word processor

  • Change self-limiting vocabulary like "have to" to "choose to."

34. Program your biocomputer

  • Control what information you take in. Garbage in, garbage out.

35. Open your present

  • Appreciate and focus on the current moment. Be fully present.

36. Be a good detective

  • Ask questions and listen deeply to understand people and situations better.


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Find your soul purpose

37. Make a relation-shift

  • Uplift others instead of focusing on yourself. This builds connections.

38. Learn to come from behind

  • View setbacks as natural ups and downs, expect renewal.

39. Come to your own rescue

  • Take responsibility for your life. Don't wait for "someone" to save you.

40. Find your soul purpose

  • Discover what makes you come alive and pursue that. Serve others.

41. Get up on the right side

Shift negative thinking to positive, solution-focused thoughts.

42. Let your whole brain play

Engage both creative and rational parts of your mind fully.


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Discover active relaxation

43. Get your stars out

  • Express your gifts and talents fully. Don't play small.

44. Just make everything up

  • Approach goals playfully, not rigidly. Make it a game.

45. Put on your game face

  • Take on challenges with confidence and motivation. Be a competitor.

46. Discover active relaxation

  • Recharge through activities that engage the mind like games or art.

47. Make today a masterpiece

  • Make each day meaningful, don't just react. Create purposefully.


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Think outside the box

48. Enjoy all your problems

  • See problems as opportunities to learn and grow.

49. Remind your mind

  • Revisit motivational ideas often. Post inspiring quotes, repeat affirmations.

50. Get down and get small

  • Set mini-goals and milestones. Achieve them for motivation boosts.

51. Advertise to yourself

  • Post your goals and vision where you'll see them daily.

52. Think outside the box

  • Get creative, don't limit yourself with assumptions. Break boundaries.


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Keep thinking, keep thinking

53. Keep thinking, keep thinking

  • Turn obstacles into opportunities through persistent thinking.

54. Put on a good debate

  • Argue against your own negative thinking. Develop optimism.

55. Make trouble work for you

  • Reframe difficult situations positively. Ask "How can I use this?"

56. Storm your own brain

  • Brainstorm solutions, even unreasonable ones. Get ideas flowing.

57. Keep changing your voice

  • Build your vocal power through practice like singing. Energizes confidence.


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Upgrade your old habits

58. Embrace the new frontier

  • Keep growing and learning. Skills matter more than credentials.

59. Upgrade your old habits

  • Improve habits gradually through replacements, not elimination.

60. Paint your masterpiece today

  • Craft each day purposefully like a work of art. Care about details.

61. Swim laps underwater

  • Do exercises that increase lung power and oxygen to the brain.

62. Bring on a good coach

  • Seek objective feedback to stretch your abilities.


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Get up a game

63. Try to sell your home

  • Let go of old, limiting habits and beliefs. Move forward.

64. Get your soul to talk

  • Dialogue with yourself for motivation and answers.

65. Promise the moon

  • Make public, bold commitments to drive achievement.

66. Make somebody's day

  • Surprise others with generosity and encouragement.

67. Play the circle game

  • Align daily actions with longer term goals through planning.

68. Get up a game

  • Add fun competition to grow beyond your current level.


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Use the 5% solution

69. Turn your mother down

  • Don't accept others' limiting beliefs about you.

70. Face the sun

  • Focus on the positive, not the negative.

71. Travel deep inside

  • Look within to find your potential, don't seek external validation.

72. Go to war

  • Create urgency, act as if your life depends on goals.

73. Use the 5% solution

  • Take small, gradual steps to achieve big goals.

74. Do something badly

  • Don't wait for perfect conditions, just start. Momentum builds.


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Set a specific power goal

75. Learn visioneering

  • Mentally rehearse goals as if they're already real.

76. Lighten things up

  • Add humor and absurdity to disempower fears.

77. Serve and grow rich

  • Contribute value to earn more. Help others succeed.

78. Make a list of your life

  • Write goals, desires, people to connect with. Makes them real.

79. Set a specific power goal

  • Energizing goals are bold, vivid, and have deadlines.

80. Change yourself first

  • Lead by example. Live the change you want to see.


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Replace worry with action

81. Pin your life down

  • Have a clear plan of attack to drive achievement.

82. Take no for a question

  • Don't accept rejection, get creative. Persist.

83. Take the road to somewhere

  • Know your purpose. This drives motivation.

84. Go on a news fast

  • Limit negative input that breeds pessimism.

85. Replace worry with action

  • Act on anxieties instead of feeding them.

86. Run with the thinkers

  • Rise above complaints by proposing solutions.


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Think your way up

87. Put more enjoyment in

  • Do activities that fully engage your skills.

88. Keep walking

  • Movement drives energy, creativity, motivation.

89. Read more mysteries

  • Mysteries build observational skills and wit.

90. Think your way up

  • Shift from emotional to rational thinking when stuck.

91. Exploit your weakness

  • Turn weaknesses into strengths. Know their benefits.

92. Try becoming the problem

  • Take full responsibility, see yourself as solution.

93. Enlarge your objective

  • Set wildly ambitious goals to spur creativity.

94. Give yourself flying lessons

  • Let heroes inspire belief in your potential.


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Build your power base

95. Hold your vision accountable

  • Judge goals by their power to motivate, not details.

96. Build your power base

  • Control your knowledge intake. Garbage in, garbage out.

97. Connect truth to beauty

  • See honesty as empowering, not restrictive.

98. Read yourself a story

  • Read aloud for double impact. Like Lincoln did.

99. Laugh for no reason

  • Fake positive emotions until you feel them.

100. Walk with love and death

  • Reflect deeply on life's meaning to build courage.


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