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Why Reading Classic Books?

Why Reading Classic Books?

Resding books written in other eras can help tu know thoughts, ideas, culture and costums of people who lived at that time.

They are often hidden in romances, like Austen's novels, or other genres, which make the reading more pleasant even for young people.


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Benefits Of Reading💪🏻

Benefits Of Reading💪🏻

-improve your vocabulary and fluency of speech

-open your mind

-more concentration

-give new ideas or solutions for problems

-make you think about yourself and life

I decide to explain an example of meaning taking one of the most popular classic American book: Moby Dick by Herman Melville.


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The Meaning Behind Moby Dick

The Meaning Behind Moby Dick

Humans spend their entire life running towards obsessions, perfection, something is not available to them because ther are simply...human. And finally they get destroyed by this "unreachable" that has a different meaning for every man. Like captain Achab, who died because of the big white whale, Moby Dick, his only purpose since the ship left Nuntacket's harbour.

He obsessively follow the whale to have his revenge (Moby Dick ate his leg during a previous hant), and he spent his entire life thinking about his revenge without living a real and full life.


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Here Are Some Phrases That Excited Me😊

-The white whale swam in front of his eyes like the obsessive incarnation of all those forces of evil by which certain profound men feel themselves being bitten into their very depths.

-But when we pursue those distant mysteries that we dream of, or torment ourselves in pursuit of that demonic ghost which sooner or later swims past all human hearts, when we thus hunt round this globe, those things bring us inside sterile labyrinths, or they leave us halfway, at the bottom.


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-the pirates immediately turn away, because they are evil scoundrels on both sides, and they don't like to see their own mutual scoundrel too much. (This remind me the projection by Carl G. Just I wrote about a few days ago, it was my first publication)


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Reading is the only addiction that doesn't hurt, and it's the best cure for the soul.



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Here Are Some Of My Favourite Books🫂

Here Are Some Of My Favourite Books🫂

Moby Dick, H. Melville

The old man and the sea, E. Hemingway

To the lighthouse, V. Woolf

Orlando,V. Woolf

1984, G. Orwell

Pride & Prejudice, J. Austen

Uno,Nessuno e Centomila, L. Pirandello

Il fu Mattia Pascal, L. Pirandello

Wuthering Heights, E. Brontë

Jane Eyre, C. Brontë


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I love reading and I am studying as much as I can. I'm developing a deep interest in psychology and in the functioning of our brain. I'm embarking on a psychological journey to get to know myself

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