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Where Did the Trinity Come From?

Where Did the Trinity Come From?

Curated from: Bart D. Ehrman

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The doctrine of the Trinity

The doctrine of the Trinity

All Christians believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. However, the doctrine is about the relationship between these 3, more than their existence. The doctrine states:

  • All 3 beings are equally God. There is no form of hierarchy in between them.
  • It is so because the Bible says so, even if we can't grasp the mechanics of it using Aristotelian logic


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How did we came up with the Trinity doctrine as the orthodox view?

How did we came up with the Trinity doctrine as the orthodox view?

A major issue of early Christianity was:

How could Jesus be God, when the Father was also God?

There were competing theories at the time:

  • the most popular early belief (the Arian view) was that the Father was the original God, but at some point during his infinite existence he made a son, that got elevated to the position
  • there is one God, but with 3 modes. The same way in which a man can be a father, a son and a husband at the same time. However this didn't catch on because it meant God actually died on the cross ... and you can't kill God.


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How did the Trinity got decided?

How did the Trinity got decided?

When Constantine converted to Christianity he had no interest into this theological discussion. Nor did most of the early Christians. However most of the bishops in Alexandria (considered the cultural centre of the empire) were Arian, meaning they believed Jesus was somehow subordonate to the Father. But the head of Alexandian branch did not and Constantine had to intervene.

The council of Nicaea in 325AD was called to settle the issue. Based mostly on politics the Aerian position lost and it was decreed that God and Jesus are of the same substance.

100 years later than the Holy Spirit joined. 


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Bart Ehrman, my favourite Christian scholar, shares some key ideas about the history of the Trinity.

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