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What is a Philosophical Question?

What is a Philosophical Question?

First, let's give a quick intro to Philosophical QuestionsA philosophical question often doesn’t have a clear, straightforward answer. They are questions that usually require deep thought and sometimes don’t have answers.

Philosophical questions typically involve human nature, the origins of the universe, morality, ethics, and the afterlife. 


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Fun Philosophical Questions

Fun Philosophical Questions

Philosophy can be fun! If you think philosophy is all heavily intellectual, overwhelming, abstract, or existential-crisis-inducing, take a moment to ponder if a hot dog is a taco. 

  1. Are you currently dreaming, and how do you know? 
  2. Do memories exist even if you forget them? 
  3. Does grass feel pain when you step on it? 
  4. Can trees feel pain? 
  5. Does 1+1 always equal 2? 
  6. Would it be ethical, unethical, or neutral if time travel were possible? 
  7. If time travel were possible, would it be wrong to change history? 
  8. What is the purpose of humor? 
  9. Why are jokes funny?


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Part 2

Part 2

10. If one person doesn’t find a joke funny, does it mean they have a lousy sense of humor, or is the joke flawed? 

11. Are humans responsible in any way for caring for wild animals? 

12. Can inanimate objects be either bad or good? 

13. Does morality bind animals? 

14. Is water wet? 

15. Are hot dogs tacos? 

16. Is it wrong to visit a zoo, thereby financially supporting an establishment that isn’t ideal for the animals? 

17. Is it wrong to purchase fast fashion, rapidly produced clothing that uses manufacturing methods that negatively impact the environment and exploit workers?


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Part 3

Part 3

18. In a fictional world, could you have a five-sided square? 

19. How do we know what words mean? 

20. Why do some people feel scared while watching a horror movie even though they know it is not real? 

21. What would you say if you had five minutes to defend the human race in front of a group of aliens who were going to obliterate humanity? 

22. Are there any physiological changes you would make for humans to make us a better species? 

23. Should the legal age for alcohol consumption be different than it is?


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Part 4

Part 4

24. If your life expectancy suddenly increased to 500 years, would you live differently than you currently are? What about if your life expectancy decreased and you only had five more years to live? 

25. If immortality were possible, would you want to be immortal? 


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