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Time management is Pain management

Time management is Pain management

  • Distractions cost us time, and like all actions, they are spurred by the desire to escape discomfort.
  • If we want to master distraction, we must learn to deal with discomfort.  


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Control the Inputs, not the Outcomes

Control the Inputs, not the Outcomes

  • Schedule time for yourself first. You are at the center of 3 life domains. Without allocating time for yourself, the other two domains suffer.
  • Input is much more certain than outcome. When it comes to living the life you want, making sure you allocate time to living your values is the only thing you should focus on.


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Ask the Critical Question

Ask the Critical Question

  • External triggers often lead to distraction. Cues in our environment like the pings, dings, and rings from devices, as well as interruptions from other people, frequently take us off track.
  • External triggers aren’t always harmful. If an external trigger leads us to traction, it serves us.
  • We must ask ourselves: Is this trigger serving me, or am I serving it? Then we can hack back the external triggers that don’t serve us.


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The Power of Precommitments

The Power of Precommitments

  • Being indistractable does not only require keeping distractions out. It also necessitates reining ourselves in.
  • Precommitments can reduce the likelihood of distraction. They help us stick with decisions we’ve made in advance.
  • Precommitments should only be used after the other three indistractable strategies have already been applied. Don’t skip the first three steps. 


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Prevent Distraction with Identity Pacts

Prevent Distraction with Identity Pacts

  • Identity greatly influences our behavior. People tend to align their actions with how they see themselves. • An identity pact is a precommitment to a self-image. You can prevent distraction by acting in line with your identity.
  • Become a noun. By assigning yourself a moniker, you increase the likelihood of following through with behaviors consistent with what you call yourself. Call yourself “indistractable.”
  • Adopt rituals. Repeating mantras, keeping a timeboxed schedule, or performing other routines reinforces your identity and influences your future actions.


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