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Ask the Critical Question

Ask the Critical Question

  • External triggers often lead to distraction. Cues in our environment like the pings, dings, and rings from devices, as well as interruptions from other people, frequently take us off track.
  • External triggers aren’t always harmful. If an external trigger leads us to traction, it serves us.
  • We must ask ourselves: Is this trigger serving me, or am I serving it? Then we can hack back the external triggers that don’t serve us.


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Important highlights from the book "Indistractable"

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Causes of Distraction

All human behavior is cued by either external or interal triggers.

The cues that we get from our environment like dings or pings are external triggers. These prompt us to check our emails or answer a text. 

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Our environment provides us with triggers like food, caffeine, job stress, a swear word from a driver, rain or music, that can cause us to form a certain mood, or feel a certain emotion inside us.

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