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Clear Ideas

Clear Ideas

Ideas are what changed the lives of many people like, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and every successful person you know.

The way to getting more ideas is to simply write. All of us strive for excellence in our fields, but we fail to realize that the only way to excel in any field is by thinking, thinking clearly.


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Too many benefits

Too many benefits

Make money with writing

  • start writing articles and newsletters
  • build a loyal audience
  • sell them a product, maybe try affiliate marketing

Write about your interests, draw in like-minded people, address a niche problem, and market the solution to your audience.

Writing is the base of all of the content on the internet.

  • YouTube videos are written scripts
  • Instagram reels are written scripts
  • Twitter threads are written scripts


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What should you write about?

What should you write about?

Everything that you can talk about with your friend.

  • Share your opinions
  • Share your experiences
  • Tell something that helped you and will also help others

Even if your writings manage to change just one life, you will succeed in the afterlife.

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Writer | Content Creator | Physics Lover | Programmer | Muslim


I’m a 17 year old from Pakistan with love for self-development, Islam & Physics. I started writing just 2 months ago, and it has changed my life in a lot of ways.

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