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1. Fear is a bigger obstacle than the obstacle itself

Any new pursuit requires entering uncharted territory -- that's scary.

But with any great risk comes great reward.

The experiences you gain in pursuing your dream will make it all worthwhile.


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2. What is "true" will always endure

  • Truth cannot be veiled by smoke and mirrors -- it will always stand firm.
  • When you're searching for the "right" decision, it will be the one that withstands the tests of time and the weight of scrutiny.


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3. Break the monotony

  • Gratitude is the practice of finding the good in each day.
  • Life can easily become stagnant, mundane, and monotonous, but that changes depending on what we choose to see.
  • There's always a silver lining, if you look for it.


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4. Embrace the present

There's no point dwelling in the past and letting it define you, nor getting lost and anxious about the future.

But in the present moment, you're in the field of possibility -- how you engage with the present moment will direct your life.


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5. Your success has a ripple-effect

  • Growth, change, and evolution are weaved into the fabric of reality.
  • Becoming a better version of yourself creates a ripple effect that benefits everything around you: your lifestyle, your family, your friends, your community.


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6. Make the decision

  • It's easy to get overwhelmed by the unknowns and finer details of your dreams.
  • Actions will flow out of having confidence in your decision; sitting on the fence will get you nowhere.


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