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Make Yourself Uncomfortable… Slowly

Make Yourself Uncomfortable… Slowly

  • Sleep on the floor for a month
  • Eat potatoes for a week
  • Shut down your mobile phone for a week

Successful people like Prophet Muhammad ( Peace Be Upon Him ) or the Stoics used to make themselves uncomfortable until they were comfortable with being uncomfortable.


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Willpower Is NOT On COMMAND

Willpower Is NOT On COMMAND

The one thing I learned from my research was that willpower on command is a lie. Saying to yourself that you are not going to eat that cookie just simply doesn’t work.

Willpower is actually a muscle. And by being uncomfortable slowly, you are training your willpower muscle to grow.

Willpower is highest in the morning and lowest in the afternoon. Do your willpower draining task as the first thing in the day.


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Recover Your Willpower

Recover Your Willpower

Since willpower is a muscle, rest your willpower muscle with a healthy activity such as socializing with friends or family members or sleeping.

Overeating can destroy your willpower. The antidote is to fast, especially do an Islamic Fast which means to stay away from all kinds of pleasure ( food, water, intimacy, music etc ) from sunrise to sunset.

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Writer | Content Creator | Physics Lover | Programmer | Muslim


After countless failures and through my learnings, I have devised a plan to control myself, which I am currently working on and I want to share it with you.

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