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A recipe for success

A recipe for success

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Attitude is more than intelligence

Attitude matters the most. If you have the courage, perseverance and grit and slightly higher than average intelligence, you are way more likely to achieve your goal, than if you have high intelligence, but none of the other things. In the latter - you are just a lazy, high intelligent person. But success comes to the people who are willing to go the extra mile and do not easily give up.


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Have a multifaceted curiosity

Most of the successful people have this internal and insatiable curiosity. 

Curiosity allows you to develop a fresh perspective on the things around you. The more information you have, the higher the chance of making unique connections that nobody really sees except you. Think of an AI - the more information it has, the higher the chance of it being good. The other key aspect is processing the information the right way, but more on that later!

You prefer deepstash over mindlessly scrolling on facebook/tiktok/instagram - that is already saying a lot about you, so keep going! 


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Try as hard as possible

Sometimes we are tempted to not go 100% especially if we are already winning. But that is a mistake. Never underestimate your opponent and never give him unnecessary chances of winning. If we are to draw parallels from chess, there are many lost games that were COMPLETELY won. That's because once you think you won, you start playing less attention and that's exactly when your OPPONENT flips the game and wins. No matter how hard your winning position is, STAY AWARE. This also translates to real life.


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The biggest wins were accomplished by the smallest chances

History is full of such examples. The smallest chances might cause the biggest wins over time. All the big companies such as Apple or Microsoft, all relied at some point on a small detail to become what they are. For Microsoft it might have been the option in the contract with IBM that allowed them to sell their product to other companies and not solely on IBM. For Apple it might have been the 1984 commercial that made them stand out so much from the other companies.

The point is that you should give your best at all times, you do not know which small detail might make you a winning behemoth.


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Notes that will make you smarter


Some of the essential things required to be successful. It is all in your head.

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