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The Business Model

The model consists of two very important things, both of which are never going to die.

  • Social Media — Content Creation
  • eCommerce — Dropshipping

The demand for more relatable content will never die. The demand for relatable products will never die.

Thanks to the internet, both of the businesses can now be run while sitting on the couch


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Build a Brand

Build a Brand

The only common thing in every guy making $10k per month is that they post content online.

  • Pick any niche you love & binge watch it
  • Take out clips from the videos that you think are good
  • Edit those clips with subtitles and flashy animations and sound effects
  • Put those clips on Instagram, TikTok & YouTube

The worst case scenario is that you might not earn money in the next 6 months but you’ll have an audience to sell to & you’ll improve at what you love.


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Pick a niche

Your niche doesn’t have to be the most famous niche. The famous niche never works. The niche you love works all the time.

  • Open the YouTube App
  • See your search & watch history
  • The thing you watched a lot about is the thing you are interested in
  • Use your already available knowledge of that area of interest and put content online.

You could be interested in books, learning physics & maths or medicine & law. Whatever it is, just post content online related to that and build your personal brand.


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Making Money with Brand

If you post consistently for 3–4 months, you’ll have gained a decent sized audience to monetize.

  • Run ads on your profiles
  • Do paid promotion for products or people related to your niche
  • Try affiliate marketing


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Whatever you have built your brand around, you can now start selling products in that niche.

If you are into self-help niche, then you can open a dropshipping store for books. Just make sure it actually solves a problem.

Once you setup your store, go ahead and start promoting your products to an already existing audience that is loyal to you and trusts you, so they are more likely to buy from you rather than someone who paid for the ads for their bookstore.


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Be consistent

Post 2–3 times a week and use the best strategies. Do this for 6 months and you’ll have a business that might be enough for you to quit your full time job.

Pray to Allah for success, do dhikr. If you succeed then well and good, and if you don’t you’ll improve. There’s no way you don’t succeed if you work consistently

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