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by Franz Kafka

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<p>Gregor Samsa, a traveling s...

Gregor Samsa, a traveling salesman, wakes up to find himself transformed into a large insect. Struggling with his new body, he cannot go to work, causing distress. His transformation is inexplicable and horrifying to him, and he worries about the impact on his family, who rely on his income.


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<p>Gregor's family is initiall...

Gregor's family is initially shocked and horrified. His sister Grete brings him food, and his parents avoid seeing him. As time passes, their sympathy wanes, and they become increasingly frustrated and neglectful, viewing him as a burden.


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<p>Gregor's transformation lea...

Gregor's transformation leads to his isolation. Confined to his room, he becomes alienated from his family and society. Grete initially cares for him but grows tired and resentful, eventually refusing to enter his room. Gregor becomes more insect-like in behavior and loses touch with his humanity.


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<p>Gregor's physical and menta...

Gregor's physical and mental condition deteriorates. His family starts renting out a room to boarders to make ends meet. Gregor's presence becomes an embarrassment and inconvenience. His family discusses getting rid of him, indicating their complete loss of empathy and love.


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<p>Eventually, Gregor succumbs...

Eventually, Gregor succumbs to his injuries and neglect, dying alone in his room. His death brings relief to the family, who immediately feel a sense of freedom and begin to make plans for a better future. They move on with their lives, leaving Gregor's existence as a mere unpleasant memory.


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