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The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse

With amazing pictures of different situation, it gives more pleasure to read and understand deep meaning behind each conversation. I must recommend everyone to read this book. All four characters represent different parts of the same person.

The boy is inquisitive

The mole is enthusiastic but a bit greedy

The fox who speak less, hurt with life.

The horse is wisest and deepest part.

So let's deep dive in to interesting conversation that have been done between all four characters.


380 reads

No One Is Small

Mole - "I'm so small"

Boy - "Yes, but you make a huge difference."


403 reads

What Is Success

Boy - "What do you think success is ?"

Mole - "To Love everyone."


371 reads

Biggest Waste Of Time

Boy - "What is biggest waste of time ?"

Mole - "comparing yourself with other."


345 reads

Very Interesting One Liner

Mole - "listened less to their fears and more to their dreams."

Mole - One of our greatest freedoms is how we react to things

Boy - "Isn’t it odd. We can only see our outsides, but nearly everything happens on the inside.”

Mole - "Being kind to yourself is one of the greatest kindnesses"

Mole - "Often the hardest person to forgive is yourself."

Horse - "Tears fall for a reason and they are your strength not weakness."

Horse - "Asking for help isn’t giving up, It’s refusing to give up."

Horse - "Nothing beats kindness, It sits quietly beyond all things.”


295 reads

Half Empty Or Half Full ?

Mole - "Is your glass half empty or half full?”

Boy - “I think I’m grateful to have a glass,” 


289 reads

Best Discovery Of Life

Mole - “What’s your best discovery?” asked the mole. 

Boy - “That I’m enough as I am,”


275 reads

Last Advice

Boy - “Do you have any other advice?”

Horse - "Don’t measure how valuable you are by the way you are treated, Always remember you matter, you’re important and you are loved, and you bring to this world things no one else can.”


261 reads

Love Is Everywhere. Do Not Hurt or Hate

"Sometimes all you hear about is the hate, but there is more love in this world than you could possibly imagine.”


251 reads


“Just take this step …” The horizon will look after itself



262 reads


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